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Regions: a growing proportion of small businesses and private entrepreneurship

By 2020, more than 66.5 percent of the population of Tamdy, Uchkuduk, Kanimekh and Nurata districts, the city of Zarafshan will be employed in the private sector, and the share of small businesses and private entrepreneurs in the production of industrial products will reach 99.6 percent.

Such targets are laid down in projects that are implemented within two years in the framework of the Program of activities aimed at creating decent living conditions and guaranteed jobs for residents of the steppe regions of Navoi region.
Priorities are new growth points, based on which the investment policy will be implemented for the development of industry, services and services, agriculture, as well as improvement of irrigation and melioration systems, road transport, construction, reconstruction and modernization of gas, water, and electricity, educational institutions, health facilities, culture and sports. The targeted list of projects with specific funding sources, responsible executors and timetables is approved by a government decree of October 19 2017 year.

High rates of growth and industrialization in comparison with other areas are projected in the Tamdy district. It is expected that the output of industrial products will increase almost twofold in comparison with the previous year, more than
1.5 times - in agriculture, twice as much as in civil works, retail trade will increase by 1.7 times, and twice the amount of services rendered.

- In accordance with the presidential decree "On Additional Measures for the Comprehensive Development and Employment of the Population of Tamdy, Uchkuduk, Kanimekh, Nurata Districts and Zarafshan City of Navoi Region," September 29, 2017, private business representatives received a number of tax preferences, head of the State Tax Department of Navoi region Nodir Jumanazarov. - Until January 1, 2028, business entities operating in the sphere of industry and rendering services (except for trade and refueling of cars with gas), newly created on the territory of these regions, settlements Dehibaland, Sentob, Temirkovuk, Kizilcha, Gum and Chuya of Nurata district and Zarafshan city are exempt from all types of taxes and mandatory payments in state trust funds, farms, those engaged in the processing of livestock and camel breeding products - single social payment, individual entrepreneurs registered here - a fixed tax. The dividends of the founders of legal entities registered and operating in the said territories will not be subject to income tax. Thus, in October-November last year, over 1.5 thousand entrepreneurs received benefits for a fixed tax in the amount of 1.5 billion soums. During the first nine months of 2017, tax privileges for 237.5 billion soums were granted to 657 legal entities. Thanks to the creation of a privileged tax climate, as well as broad opportunities for business entities, 1,042 legal entities and 3,058 individual entrepreneurs were registered, of which 644 are graduates of professional colleges. Another 767 people are employed as wage workers.

The measures approved by the program will be financed from the resources of the republican and local budgets, trust funds and economic management bodies. The main financial burden is assumed by the initiators of 853 investment projects and credit institutions. Foreign investments and international financial institutions are expected to be involved in the creation of modern enterprises for the production of building materials, the implementation of projects for the introduction of alternative energy sources, including the development of energy systems based on solar and wind energy, as well as in the service sector and service infrastructure. The most funds will be spent on investment projects in industry. Those wishing to set up an entrepreneurial activity will be able to lease unused state facilities located in Tamdy, Uchkuduk, Kanimekh, Nurata districts and the city of Zarafshan at a "zero" rate for up to ten years, provided jobs are created.

Preferences and available infrastructure interested business representatives from other regions of the republic, foreign entrepreneurs. In particular, “Behin form metal” LLC was transferred an unused building, which was on the balance sheet of the Central Mining Administration of Navoi Mining Metallurgical Combine. A businessman from Iran plans to open production of reinforcement here. Capital entrepreneurs on the terms of investment are organizing the issue of utensils for the pharmaceutical and food industries in the former section No. 39 of the Zarafshan Administration of Construction. The project provides for the creation of 400 jobs. Tashkent "Orange textil" LLC resumes the activity of the small enterprise "Konimekh Tex", in order to restart capacities for the production of finished knitted goods. The initiator of the project, worth one million dollars, leased an unused administrative building in the Kanimekh district. It is expected that after the capital reconstruction the enterprise will work at the end of 2018.

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