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Nodir Akhmedzhanov spoke about the first residents of the "Yashnabad" technopark

At present, eight residents are registered in the Yashnabad Innovation Technopark. If you look at the list of existing activities of residents, it can be noted that all projects under implementation are relevant and have a great commercial potential in the market.

Nodir Akhmedzhanov, the director of the Technopark, told about it more to the correspondent of the newspaper Narodnoye Slovo:

- For example, the production of online cash registers, which allow not only to conduct cash transactions in cashless and cash form with simultaneous notification of tax authorities, but also to pay utility bills, replenish accounts and perform other operations. Or the production of a multifunctional plow that simultaneously allows not only to cultivate the land, but also to form beds, to introduce fertilizers, to grind the remaining plants in the soil is a very useful and convenient tool that can improve the efficiency of soil cultivation in farm and dekhkan farms.

Moreover, the activities of the first residents can have a so-called synergistic effect, when the production of some high-tech goods will inevitably entail the release of the corresponding related products in the form of equipment that will lead to the formation of new high-tech markets. A striking example of this is the cooperation between the residents themselves. Among the residents of the technopark is a company that will specialize in the production of bionic prostheses. Since such a production is very complex and is carried out only on an individual order, it became necessary to purchase the appropriate equipment. As it turned out, among the residents of the technopark there is an enterprise for the production of 3D printers. Having thoroughly studied the activities of this enterprise, the domestic "pioneers" in the field of medicine decided to purchase a 3D-machine of domestic production. And an agreement has already been concluded on the acquisition of equipment.

The main trend in the world economy is the arrival of cost-intensive high-tech production lines for the production of high-value-added products. The successful experience of states with a strong innovative and scientific and production base, such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Israel, shows that at the initial stage they learned from more developed countries technologically, actively introduced innovations in production, formed their own scientific-production personnel.

Therefore, the creation of technoparks is an important condition for the realization of this goal. Their discovery, firstly, will allow domestic scientists and inventors to realize their scientific and creative potential, receive a decent reward for their work and thereby help to reduce the outflow of the most qualified specialists abroad. Secondly, it will activate the introduction of know-how in domestic production, increase the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the world arena and attractiveness of goods under the brand “Made in Uzbekistan”.
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