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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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New ideas for the development of bus transportation in the capital

The concept of development of passenger transport in Tashkent for the period until 2030 is approved. To increase the speed of buses, it is planned to introduce a system of allocated traffic lanes, and minibuses will be banned from working in the city center.

In Uzbekistan, it is planned to introduce a system of allocated lanes for priority traffic of buses, which will increase the speed of traffic by an average of 3-4 km/h and, accordingly, the traffic intensity on average by 10-12%.

In addition, the authorities intend to grant a preferential right of way to public transport at regulated intersections. Among other interesting ideas is the introduction of special road marking, which gives priority to public transport when rearranging during the moving from stop to the extreme left traffic lane.

In parallel, it is planned to arrange and upgrade all stopping points for passenger transport by equipping them with electronic displays, construct stationary modules for rest and lunch of drivers at terminal stations.

Particular emphasis will be placed on regulating the conditions for access, movement and parking of personal vehicles in the central areas in which the transport problem is particularly acute.

At the same time, the authorities of the Uzbek capital want to replace the taxis with buses on the central streets of the city.

This measure is envisaged in the Concept of the Development of Passenger Transport in Tashkent for the period until 2030. In particular, the document suggests phasing out route taxis from the central streets of the city with their replacement by buses, which will lead to unloading the road network and improving the ecological situation.

Also, specialists intend to resolve the issue of maximizing the development potential of the subway, as well as high-speed bus and microbus routes with a dedicated traffic infrastructure that can take over part of the passenger traffic of personal vehicles.

By analogy with developed foreign countries, it is planned to develop and implement an information management system for the movement of buses, which will accurately and conveniently provide information on their planned arrival in real time.

For this purpose, the Center of Advanced Public Transport and Travel Cards will be organized on the basis of one of the structural subdivisions of "Toshshahartranshizmat". This structure will collect information on urban and highways, analyze it, monitor accidents and other situations in real time, with the fastest possible response to them. She will manage the buses, watch the cars that park in the wrong place and form traffic jams, collect information on speed, transport capacity, unexpected incidents and weather conditions.

All this information is planned to be provided to the public on-line via websites, road-electronic displays, road broadcasting, smartphones, social networks and other means of distribution.

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