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Mubarek Gas Processing Plant to Develop the Production of Sulfur

Mubarek Gas Processing Plant within the next three months plans to launch a new production of granulated sulfur.

Each year, the plant will produce up to 80 thousand tons of marketable products. At the same time, emphasis will be placed on the line of products with international standards, as a significant part of it will be exported. The total cost of the project exceeds $9.4 million.

Many buyers, especially, of course, foreign ones, pay attention to the packaging, which should be convenient for transport and subsequent storage. Therefore, the plant will launch a fully automated process, and the finished products will be packed in strong sealed bags. Among other things, it will give also a serious environmental impact.

Sulfur is becoming extremely popular product, especially for producers of mineral fertilizers and construction materials. These two areas are actively developing in Uzbekistan, and the manufacturers are still forced to use imported raw materials, which increases the cost of the final product. However, soon they will be given an alternative in the form of granulated sulfur from the Mubarek Gas Processing Plant.

To date, the plant has facilities for cleaning and drying of 33.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, the production of 186 thousand tons of stable gas condensate and 258 thousand tons of liquefied gas.
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