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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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LUKOIL to Launch Energy Facilities in Hisor

Construction of two substations has been completed on Jarkuduk and Odamtosh deposits as part of the project ‘Full development of Hisor.’ The substations are designed to power the technological facilities and field support base, informs LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company.

Substations Jarkuduk 110/10 with two 2h6300 kWA transformers with the prospect of replacing to 2h25000 kWA transformers, and Odamtosh 110/10 with two 2h25000 kWA transformers have been put into operation.

For electricity supply of gas fields and infrastructure in Jarkuduk, Gumbulok and Odamtosh there was pre-built a double-circuit overhead line of 110 kW with total length of 97 km.

Development of working documentation and supply of equipment for substations was carried out by Russian SVEL Group, electrical mounting was performed by Eriell Corporation and ENTER Engineering companies, while commissioning and full range of high voltage test of the equipment was carried out by specialists of the Uzbek Tehnokont Enterprise.

Installation of the equipment was carried out under the guidance and the constant presence of SVEL Group in accordance with the design decisions and guidelines of the manufacturer of the equipment.

In the design and manufacture of substations the most advanced equipment from Finland and Russia was applied.

LUKOIL joined the project ‘South-West Hisor’ in March 2008. The contract area is located in Kashkadarya region with 7 deposits of about 100 million tons of equivalent fuel. 

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