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JSC Uzneftmahsulot Blames Profiteers in Causing Queues at Fuel Stations

JSC Uzneftmahsulot management issued a statement assuring vehicle owners once again that fuel in filling stations is available in sufficient volumes.

This is the fourth statement of the company related to a lack of fuel this year. The company officials claim that its employees, together with the supervisory authorities are visiting places and are taking all measures to resolve the situation.

According to the company, the reason for the queues at fuel stations are all the same deliberate rumors of a shortage of fuel and increasing prices, which bring to the public excitement and queues. The company officials claim that the country does not and is not expected shortages of fuel and other petroleum products. “The country in sufficient volume produces all kinds of fuels and lubricants in accordance with international standards.

The raw material for the production of oil is produced in an amount sufficient not only to meet domestic demand but also for export. Currently, the company is taking all the necessary measures to rectify the situation and to fully satisfy the needs of the population in fuel,” said in the statement.

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