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International Fruit and Vegetable Fair: Facts and Figures

About one billion people on the planet suffer from food shortage, and problems in this area are aggravated even more. Uzbekistan is rich in vegetables and fruits, and the country has enough potential to increase exports.

Uzbekistan produces more than 17 million tons of fruit and vegetable products annually, more than 4 million tons of which is exported. In particular, last year the country grew 12.592 million tons of vegetables and potatoes, 1.85 million tons of melon, 1.556 million tons of grapes, 2.731 million tons of fruit.

Over the past ten years, the export of dried fruits and nuts from Uzbekistan increased by 5 times.

Uzbekistan is among the ten countries leading in exporting apricots, plums, grapes, nuts, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables. Today, more than 180 kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as products made of them are exported to more than eighty countries, including the US, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand, China, Japan, and others.

Much emphasis is also placed on the deep processing of agricultural products, the development of storage infrastructure. In particular, last year, 230 enterprises for processing agricultural products were created and modernized, as well as those 114 new cold storage chambers with a capacity of 77.800 thousand tons. A total capacity of storage of fruits and vegetables increased to 832 thousand tons.

In the center of attention is the optimization of acreage and increase in yield. New orchards and vineyards are laid out. In recent years, the territory of orchards and vineyards has expanded to almost 100 thousand hectares. Over the past three years, an intensive orchard is planted in more than 22 thousand hectares. Such orchards are beginning to bear fruit in the second year, and in the sixth year the yield increases to 50-60 tons per hectare.

Uzbekistan farmers grow more than 170 varieties of vegetables, melons and potatoes, 175 varieties of fruits, berries and grapes cultivated by local breeders. It is planned that by 2020 the cultivation of potatoes increased by 35 per cent, vegetables - by 30, fruits and grapes - 21.5 per cent. Deep processing of fruits and vegetables, popular with local and foreign customers, on the basis of modern technologies will allow by 2030 to increase its volume of 5.7 times.

The fair gets involved the representatives of international trade organizations, chambers of commerce, ministries and departments, specializing in agriculture, logistics companies from more than forty countries, including the US, UK, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, Italy, France, Malaysia India, Russia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, as well as enterprises of Uzbekistan operating in the field of agriculture.

The International Forum covers all areas of modern food industry and agriculture. Lots of different sections opened in the fair, in particular, fresh and dried fruits, citrus, vegetables, herbs, melons, beans, nuts, spices, beverages, packing and packaging technology, transport and logistics.

The Forum provided an opportunity for talks between the businessmen of our country and foreign partners, facilitate the exchange of experience and definition of prospects of mutual cooperation, signing mutually beneficial agreements, attract foreign investment, the analysis of trends of the world market and its prospects for development, and further increase of the export potential of Uzbekistan.

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