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Inha University Begins Training Specialists in Logistics

Inha University in Tashkent has been working out together with Korean partners the opening of departments in two new specialties – IT management and Logistics.

The University students will be trained in two relevant for the country directions. It was reported on the visit last week of the President of the Korean Air Company Chang Hoon Chi, during which were discussed the cooperation in the sphere of education. The agenda also included the further development and extension of the campus, fitting up with advanced equipment, and personnel policy.

Due to extension procedures and opening of two departments were also considered the issue concerning the program of training of local teachers. Currently the University’s faculty consists mainly of foreign specialists.

“Along with engineers the country’s economy needs in IT managers able to effectively organize the work,” noted a head of department on coordination of research work and cooperation with industry at the Inha University, Sanjar Saidkhodjaev.

The University to date trains 115 students. In the academic year 2015-2016 it is projected to admit 250 students, 120 of whom in computer engineering, and 130 in program engineering.  

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