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Gas supply from Central Asia to China increases by 5% in 2015

 The volume of gas supply from Central Asia to China, through the gas pipeline "Central Asia - China" reached 30.57 billion cubic meters in 2015, which is 5% more than in 2014, according to Xinhua.

Supply of gas from Central Asia to China through the pipeline, which originates at the border of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and reaches China (Khorgos) through central Uzbekistan and southern Kazakhstan, started in late 2009. To date, the lines A, B and C have been put into use.

It is reported that in the past year along the lines A and B, 23.54 billion standard cubic meters of gas were supplied and along the line C - 7.03 billion standard cubic meters.

The pipeline connects Khorgos to the second and third lines of the Chinese gas pipeline "East-West ", which continues to the relevant regions of China, allowing 400 million people have access to natural gas.

According to customs data, at the end of last year the total supply of Central Asian gas to China reached 130.39 billion standard cubic meters.






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