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Experts Predict the Beginning of Decline in Prices for Imported Goods in the Next Two - Three Months

Liberalization of the foreign exchange market should not lead to an increase in the prices of imported consumer goods. This was stated by the founder and head of network Zafar Khashimov on his channel in Telegram.

Zafar Khashimov noted that the import of consumer goods has not been financed for a long time due to official conversion and pricing was carried out at the rate of the parallel (black) market.

“Moreover, the importer companies even had to overpay in excess of the market rate because of different commission payments and exchange rates. Not everyone, at the same time, managed to carry out such operations because of their unstructured and opaque. Heads of such trade enterprises spent more resources and time finding sources of foreign currency to finance imports, rather than to improve their trading operations and reduce costs,” he emphasized.

“Now, after ensuring equal access to all business entities for the purchase of currency on market terms through their banks, there will be more participants on the market, competition will grow, the effective rate for these operations will even decrease slightly due to their easier access and transparency,” Zafar Khashimov noted out.

The head of network noted that the President’s Decree also paid attention to ensuring the stability of prices for important consumer goods. He said that these provisions are dictated by the state’s concern to ensure stable food prices for the population, as well as to remove negative expectations.

“However, I am deeply convinced that with all the same conditions, thanks to this Decree, the prices for imported consumer goods will go down in the next two-three months,” Khashimov said.

Zafar Khashimov welcomed the decision to optimize customs duties and payments in order to prevent the growth of domestic prices for imported goods and services.

“This is a very important moment, since with the devaluation of the Central Bank’s rate of payment fees are rising sharply. Recently, the government has adopted a Resolution, where, I think, in order to prevent such growth, customs duties and excises for a number of important imported food products, such as flour, meat, vegetable oil, cereals, were lifted or reduced. However, we are still dependent on the import of many other consumer products, and if the rate in calculating duties and payments for them doubles, this can affect prices,” he pointed out.

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