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Effective Lighting

2016 marked the launch of modernization of street lighting system within the framework of the initiative on ‘Introduction of Energy Efficient Technologies in the Tashkent Street Lighting System’ of the Government of Uzbekistan and Islamic Development Bank. How will the obsolete equipment be replaced? In search of the answer to this question, the Uzbekistan Today reporter addressed the Toshelectroapparat FE LLC.

Yet in 2014-2016, the company successfully implemented pilot turn-key projects to demonstrate the operability of the proposed centralized control external lighting system using power points and self-made LED devices. The first batch of new products of the plant was installed on the bridge near the Tashkent international airport, as well as on Tallimarjon and Shortepa streets.

The successful implementation of the project paved the way for the domestic manufacturer to participate in the international competitive bidding with the involvement of the Islamic Development Bank in the project on the ‘Introduction of energy efficient technologies in the Tashkent street lighting system’. Along with the domestic producer, the bidding involved the leading world manufacturers like OJSC OSRAM (Germany), INEXTON LP (Great Britain), SG AUTOMOTIVE (Slovenia), EAE ELEKTRIK AYDINLATMA (Turkey), ZTE GROUP (China), INCOTEX ELECTRONIC GROUP (Russia). The domestic manufacturer Toshelektroapparat LLC won the auction. Thereupon, the outdated lighting equipment on Tashkent streets is currently replaced by the new.

To date, the company is capable of manufacturing 150,000 pieces of outdoor lighting fixtures per year, based on LED technologies coming with automated outdoor lighting systems. The production process of street lighting equipment engages high-tech industrial complexes of metalworking, machining, aluminum casting, polymer lithium, electroplating, paintwork and an assembly shop, where all the components are assembled into a single finished device. The current level of localization of outdoor lighting and automated systems is 40% with the prospect of increasing it to 50% or higher.

The fact that the enterprise initially developed and established the production of a complex of electrical equipment for outdoor lighting systems ranks among the key factors of success. Unlike other domestic and world manufacturers, Toshelectroapparat LLC, in addition to the production of outdoor lighting devices, specializes in the production of fully featured automated outdoor lighting systems. That is, Toshelectroapparat supplies customers not just with light fixtures, but also a control system for them.

Resource saving is the major advantage of this equipment. The device is built on LED lamps, which consume little power. In addition, the equipment is programmed, allowing adjusting the power of light, depending on the time of day and the need and, as a result, saving electricity.

The system is equipped with an automated electricity metering device, which is also produced by the enterprise. The meter not only keeps track of the electricity consumed, but also automatically sends all the data to Uzbekenergo branches for further settlements with the street lighting company.

Ease of operation is another advantage of the new equipment. The entire control of lamps is centralized and automated. Their application avoids the need in a specialist to switch on and off lighting – the whole process is automatic and operates by a strictly programmed schedule. The equipment displays all the information on the operability of each lamp on operator’s monitors, so, it is always clear which of them needs repair.
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