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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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Domestic Production to Reduce Price by Almost Three Times

Scientists of the Institute of the gene pool of flora and fauna suggest farmers to enrich the ration of Uzbek people by trout produced in Uzbekistan, which is an overseas delicacy for us.

Experts note that the country's aquaculture industry has been developed in recent years. Back in 2009, it produced only 6-9 tons of fish per year. However, the implementation of targeted programs allowed the industry to increase this figure to 45 million tons in 2014. As the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources promise, the volume of production will grow even more in the coming years. For this purpose, the country continues to spread the technology of artificial breeding of fish in ponds.

If farmers are mostly fighting for the volume of production, the scientists help them to solve another no less important task - to expand the product range. Today, the domestic market consists of not so many species of fish: silver carp, grass carp and carp, because their production is well established in artificial ponds. Less often you can see European carp (sazan), pike perch and bream, as they are grown mainly in lakes and reservoirs.

The large network markets are not able to satisfy limited choice of consumers. They sell seafood and fish by fairly high average price. That is why the scientists of several research centers are working on expanding the range by developing methods of breeding of various exotic breeds in our conditions.

The Institute of the gene pool of flora and fauna is working on the issues related with fish farming. Its specialists examine methods for growing of trout, and convince that the industrial breeding of the fish can be started already today.

Scientists reckon that the most successful method from a commercial point of view is the breeding of rainbow trout in our conditions. It is a freshwater form of Pacific Mikizha. Its breeding in artificial reservoirs is less costly. According to scientists, the ideal habitat for trout can become foothill areas. There is suitable temperature of water and the required micro flora. It is better to breed trout in artificial reservoirs. This type is convenient for the fact that food for it can be produced independently. The domestic enterprises can even help with the production of the necessary equipment.

Moreover, experts calculated the cost of one kilogram of live trout. If the production will be released on import substitution, "red" fish, that is expensive today, will cost for a consumer no more than other types of already available species on our markets. At today's prices, they will be in the range of 30 thousand soums per kilogram.

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