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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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Capitalizing on Quality and Effectiveness

Improvement of the transport system, primarily the level and quality of public transport service in the regions, ranks among important missions of the Action Strategy that was approved by the leader of our state. Director of the Uzbek Agency for Automobile and River Transport, Galina Magai, has told us about the challenges in this area.

“In recent years, Uzbekistan has adopted and is gradually implementing target programs on the development passenger and freight traffic sector. New convenient regular routes have been launched, bus terminals and stations have been built and revamped to improve the quality of passenger service. Nearly 3,000 buses and 12,000 public passenger vehicles have been purchased and put into operation over the past three years alone.

Meanwhile, the Uzbek motor transport system demonstrates tremendous capacity and reserves for dynamic development of transportation services both in urban and in rural areas, as repeatedly mentioned by President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. In particular, the Action Strategy and certain other acts envisage scaled measures to further improve urban and rural transport support, enhance passenger safety, strengthen the role of road transport services in the economic growth of Uzbekistan. All the measures are called to most optimally meet consumer demand for bus transportation through the renovation of the rolling stock with modern, comfortable and safe buses.

The plans for the next five years envisage opening of nearly 300 new passenger routes, 240 of which will cover suburban and long-distance destinations. By the end of 2021, the number of passenger bus services is anticipated to increase by 11.8% and amount to about 2,000 routes, including almost 1,600 suburban and long-distance routes. In this context, it is planned to upgrade of rolling stock in stages. In 2017-2021, more than 8,600 passenger transport units, including 5,700 new public minibuses will be purchased through leasing companies on the basis of preferential bank loans.

The targeted use of funds for projects on the upgrade and renewal of bus fleets imply the increase of the charter capital of Uzavtosanoat-Leasing Company in 2017-2020.

In order to support leasing companies and motor carriers, it is proposed to release them from several mandatory fees and charges by January 1, 2022. In particular, those who are engaged in rural passenger transportation by buses and minibuses will not pay single tax for carriers in the next five years.

Scaled measures will also include the renovation of bus terminals and stations. It is planned to build 37 new bus stations and reconstruct 37 current ones. A radical improvement in the quality of public services is one of major anticipated outcomes.

The Uzbek Agency for Automobile and River Transport is entrusted with carrier coordination, development and approval of standard contracts for the right to serve urban, suburban, intercity and international passenger road routes, providing optimal conditions for quality and safe transportation of passengers.

The Agency is currently developing a new system of centralized monitoring of route operation. Each of the public buses and minibuses will be equipped with a GPS-navigator for online tracking the time, speed and route.

This will ensure a system-based monitoring of compliance with the terms of licenses for road haulage and passenger service contracts. A cashless fare system will be introduced gradually. It is will come to purchasing specialized travel cards. The innovation will allow controlling the quality of passenger services, the carriers to comply with the rights of passengers and tariffs settled, and guarantee free travel for certain categories of passengers.

New routes require the construction of final stops, so their standard design is currently drafting. They will be built of lightweight structures and affordable materials in accordance with all construction standards. It is also planned to install information boards displaying the traffic timetable, routes, and arrival time in all regions of the country.

The document will ensure safety of passenger transport, raise the culture and quality of passenger service, and ensure adherence to established schedules and intervals of public transport traffic.”
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