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BekMegaTextile: Quality at International Standards

The competition among enterprises has been toughening globally today. To be successful on the domestic and foreign markets, one needs to constantly evolve, to track the latest trends, attract investments and new technologies. This formula of success can be fully applied to the domestic enterprise Bek Mega Textile, which in a short time occupied a decent niche in the markets of Uzbekistan and several foreign countries.

Today, Bek Mega Textile is an advanced and dynamically developing company, specializing in the production of high-quality knitted fabric with a large assortment of prints. It is capable of producing up to 5,000-6,000 tons of carded and combed cotton dyed and harsh yarn, 3,500-4,500 tons of dyed knitted fabric and 1500 tons of printed knitted fabric annually.

The company executives realize how important it is to ensure that the strategy of further development let this process to go not in limited terms. This implies a continuous progress, the game ahead of competitors, continuous and painstaking work on improving conditions for employees. That is why the company has concentrated on effective organization of infrastructure and highly qualified professionals with good experience, which ensure the high quality and environmentally friendly products.

The entire knitted fabric production cycle at the factory is carried out on the modern European equipment. Equipped with the latest tools and quality control devices, its own laboratories track the whole process of delivery of the yarn to finished products.

Export performance ranks among the main indicators of success at any enterprise due to the fact that the fight for positions in foreign markets is much tougher than within the country. So the success comes to the companies that apply producible and energy-efficient equipment, quality management systems, advanced management solutions, competent product promotion strategy, and much more. The synthesis of these factors is the key to success, as it ensures a unique combination of price and quality, which attracts customers.

Practice shows that manufacture of quality products requires not just the appropriate infrastructure and up-to-date equipment, but above all the staff that can effectively operate it. The world experience is highly demanded in this context. At Bek Mega Textile, this function is performed by leading experts from Turkey, who not just fully monitor the entire production process, ensuring the quality of products, but are also continuously engaged in advanced training of personnel.

Bek Mega Textile is doing much to promote its products in foreign markets. The company representatives see the openness to innovations, willingness to change, respect and decency in relation to their employees, transparency to customers as basic principles of work in achieving the primary goal of taking the lead domestically and abroad. The company has already opened several trade houses in Russian cities. And this is just the beginning at that. Late this year, company intends to expand its exports through opening new representative offices in Moscow and in several European states.

Given the market trends, the company is constantly updating the range of products that meet the highest international standards. To date, all processes in the company meet the quality management system standard ISO 9001: 2008. Bek Mega Textile runs its own design department, which constantly tracks fashion trends, and ensures that the products were always marketable from the point of view of industry trends. Every month specialists develop new options for designs and prints for fabrics, offering interesting combinations of colors, and creating a unique effect.

The company has big plans for the future. Next year, it will launch the implementation of a major project on the establishment of three new shops for rotary printing, sewing and knitting. They will be put into operation gradually, and equipped with the latest European equipment. They should build a platform the for a new domestic textile brand that will be capable of successful competing with the headmost international brands. 

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