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Automobile engine of Javid Rakhmonov is tested in Italy

Javid Rakhmonov, a lecturer in the energy-mechanical faculty of the Navoi State Mining Institute, online, defended his doctoral dissertation at the Italian University of Padua.

A young scientist at the age of 31 received a doctorate in technical sciences.

"For our region this is an unforgettable event," said H. Akhmedov, an associate professor of the department of machine building technology at the energy-mechanical faculty of the Navoi State Mining Institute. "Not a single scientific work has achieved such results so far. Moreover, Javid himself has good knowledge, purposeful, loves this sphere”.

The young man, even when he studied at the Tashkent State Technical University, set a high standard for himself. At first he was awarded the Beruni State Scholarship. Then he became the owner of the scholarship of the Japanese corporation Sumitomo. In 2010, Javid was enrolled in the magistracy of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University on preferential terms. Being in constant creative search, a young man to pursue his knowledge for six months, was interned at the Berlin Technical University. In 2012 he started working.

"Only in practice you can find out how much we have learned theoretical knowledge," the young scientist says. - I started my career as a quality engineer in the foundry department of GM Powertrain Uzbekistan. It was during this period of my work that I became aspiring to new ideas, a desire to consolidate theoretical knowledge.

By the way, the young scientist constantly strives to learn more world news from this field along with the increase of experience. In 2014, he became the owner of a grant from the European Union under the program "Erasmus Mundus" and was admitted to the doctoral studies of the University of Padua, one of Italy's most prestigious educational institutions. During the training he took part in conferences held in London, Madrid, Venice, published scientific articles in foreign editions. Talking about the process of studying abroad, the young scientist also touched upon his scientific work, which includes many achievements in the field of metal science.

- In the Italian industry, the leading place belongs to the automotive industry. Usually engines of cars, airplanes and other equipment are made on the basis of alloys of cast iron, steel and other metals. And it takes a lot of time and fuel to start them. In my scientific research, instead of heavy metals, it is proposed to use a new element with an aluminum alloy, which has high strength. The use of such a light material in technology ensures a reduction in fuel consumption, and as a result, emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere also decrease, - Rakhmonov said. - Parts made of a new alloy, in the process of work withstand the influence of high temperatures and do not lose mechanical properties. These experiments are currently being conducted at Teksid, which produces the necessary parts for the cars of the famous Italian brand Fiat. I hope that the approbation will be successful.

"This scientific discovery has one more achievement," H. Akhmedov, the mentor of Javid, continues our conversation. - Primary aluminum, that is pure aluminum, is not produced. The parts produced in this country, mainly from secondary aluminum and its alloys, obtained by processing. Simply put, they are all products derived from scrap metal - collected in thousands of tons throughout the country. In addition, Javid's scientific research of secondary aluminum alloy can bring tremendous benefits to our economy.

It is joyful to the soul that in many remote regions of our country there are many gifted and talented young people who are making confident steps to the heights of modern science. In particular, we can proudly say that Javid's innovative ideas will be widely recognized.
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