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A Lot to Choose From

These days Tashkent is hosting the largest country exposure event - International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange. This year it receives a record number of participants - more than 2,500 enterprises, companies, organizations and small businesses of Uzbekistan, as well as over 1,300 foreign participants.

The main trend of the event comes to introduction of energy efficient equipment and innovative technologies, international management control systems and quality standards, close partnership with other industries and foreign partners. It is a platform for researchers, businessmen, equipment manufacturers, representatives of state bodies, banks, insurance and leasing companies and international donors to seek for common ground and launch new start-ups.

The exhibition week is seen as a kind of integrator and communicator of interests of interdependent industries that largely move hand in hand. It is not just an optimal opportunity to demonstrate and promote advanced manufacturing equipment, technologies and products, but exchange experience between domestic and foreign producers.

This year’s business agenda is eventful as never before: dozens of business meetings, presentations and negotiations between exhibitors, businessmen and professionals.

The outcomes of international industrial fair and cooperation exchanges show the growing interest of domestic enterprises and foreign partners in the development of industrial cooperation, delivery and procurement of goods, development and production of new kinds of products. Over the past decade, the product range has exceeded 20,000, the number of participants has grown 7 times, the number of contracts – 11 times. In 2015, the Fair and the Exchange was attended by representatives of more than 1,300 companies from 55 countries, including Germany, UK, the Czech Republic, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, India and Turkey. The contracts signed totaled $8.3 billion.

The International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange-2016 is demonstrating more than 24,000 kinds of finished products, components and materials in mechanical and automotive engineering, electrical, construction, metallurgy, chemical, oil and gas, food and light industries, pharmaceuticals. There is a remarkable contribution of the national ‘Program of localization of finished products, components and materials for 2015-2019’, and the ‘Program of measures to ensure structural reformation, modernization and diversification of production for 2015-2019’.

Enhanced localization of production and expansion of cross-sector industrial cooperation are seen as important factors for economic development, as clearly proved by dynamic growth rates of localized products in total industrial production of the country, because the contracts are concluded without additional tenders for domestic enterprises.

“At last year’s IIFCE, we signed contracts for 500 million soums and fulfilled them in time. At the current Fair, we hope to sign contract for more than 800 million soums. We are demonstrating more than thirty different kinds of electrical equipment, and intend to significantly expand the product range through the modernization,” said the commercial director of Standart Elektrotehnika Sherzod Murtozov.

Uzexpocentre, the venue for the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, provides all the conditions for establishing partnerships without excessive bureaucracy, that is, there is an opportunity to enter into sale and delivery contracts and agreements on new projects on the spot.

“Our stand showcases the products, which we export under the localization program in the current year, and the products which we plan to export. The industrial forum helps us to shape the order portfolio for the next year, and ensure stable performance of our enterprises. For example, we have signed an export agreement for $4.5 million at this year's Regional Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, and we hope to sign about 150 contracts at the current Fair. About 70 contracts will imply exports of chemical products for $265.8 million,” says O’zkimyosanoat Marketing and International Relations Chief Otajon Ilyosov.

Experts predict that the current IIFCE promises to significantly surpass the previous records in concluded contracts. Now it all depends on prompt and good implementation of the tasks. 

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