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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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25 Years on the Fly

The national airline of Uzbekistan celebrates the 25th anniversary of its establishment this year. Over the years, the domestic civil aviation has assayed the impossible: it has not just built the state-of-the-art fleet from scratch, but has ensured comfort and safety of passengers on the level of the highest international standards.

One could hardly dream of that in the early 90es of the last century. The landmark of independence, Uzbekistan Airways possessed a fleet of old aircrafts, which did not stand up to criticism, both in terms of safety and effectiveness.

The situation on the ground was equally poor. Airports and infrastructure required urgent modernization. The production base for repair and maintenance of flight equipment was completely absent. All of the challenges had to be addressed immediately, because aircrafts of the national air carrier were to connect the young republic with the world.

Despite the complicated situation, the domestic air carrier headed for the gradual renewal of the flight and ground equipment and upgrade of airport infrastructure from the first years of independence. Modern Airbus and Boeing aircraft appeared in the country after a couple of years after the launch.

The first transcontinental flight to New York on March 31, 1995 was a milestone in the company’s chronicle. The event will forever remain in the history of the country as a unique achievement of Uzbek aviators, who opened a direct and safe way to the US for our passengers. It is noteworthy that the first aircraft to the United States was piloted by the current NAC Uzbekistan Airways CEO Valeriy Tyan.

This event can hardly be overestimated, because Moscow remained the closest point to fly to the United States from Tashkent until 2014. A direct flight to New York was opened from Baku only in 2014. There are now several dozens of airlines in Russia and the CIS, but only a few of them, in addition to Uzbekistan Airways (NAC), have a right to perform commercial passenger flights with the North American region.

Today, the civil aviation fleet of Uzbekistan is equipped with solely new aircrafts by the leading manufacturers. Uzbek air harbors meet all international safety requirements.

Passenger safety and comfort have always been the company’s key priority for all these years. These factors have allowed Uzbekistan Airways winning not just the deserved love of customers, but also the recognition of its partners. Uzbek airports have been repeatedly acknowledged the CIS’s best in quality of service. NAC was ranked the most punctual among the world's leading air harbors.

Most importantly, the air company has great plans ahead, including expansion of the route network, opening of new routes, and replenishment with advanced aircrafts. The carrier has recently announced of signing a contract for the delivery of four cutting edge machines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, bringing their total number to six after 2020.

Meanwhile, the launch of a new international terminal at the Tashkent airport, which is capable of making it the best harbor in Central Asia, is seen as the main project. It is anticipated by the whole country without exaggeration. Its construction will be completed within three years. The territory of the terminal will be twice bigger the size of the present one, and the capacity of the passenger service building will be three times larger.

As planned by the designers, with a bird's-eye the terminal will resemble outstretched wings of a bird Humo. The project is based on the experience and technologies of one of the world’s leading airports - Incheon International Airport (Korea), which was repeatedly rated as the highest ‘Five Star’ according to the British research company Skytrax.

The terminal will have a platform for 36 aircrafts and a parking for 1,700 places. After commissioning, it will be able to serve 1,500 passengers per hour.

There is no doubt that all the plans will be fulfilled perfectly and in time. The national airline of Uzbekistan has long proved that our country has the highest level experts. The domestic civil aviation is not just the best in the region, but is inferior to many of the world's leading carriers.
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