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1154 rates of import duties are reduced

Since October 1 of this year, according to the President's Decree, new rates of import and customs duties have started to operate.

Comparing the old and new versions of the document, experts of the information-legal portal
drew the following conclusions.

Firstly, a significant number of rates are "nullified": 579 commodity items, which is approximately 33% of the total number of new bids. The set of rates is also significantly reduced: 575 commodity items, which is about 32.8%.

Secondly, the rates on 278 positions remained unchanged. about 15.8%. Some of the previously effective rates were specified (44 commodity items or 2.5%), namely: lower limits were set for them.

Third, there were new rates (273 commodity items, about 15.5%). For these goods now also need to pay customs duties. However, among them there are also many zero rates.

Fourthly, a slight increase was registered in 7 positions (0.4% of the total).
The remaining rates of the old documents were canceled and no longer applied.

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