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Poll results: It is necessary to continue studying public opinion on the ongoing fight against corruption

The Public Opinion Research Center "Ijtimoiy Fikr" conducted a public opinion poll on the topic: "Fighting corruption in the mirror of public opinion" in the monitoring mode, which confirmed the undeniable fact of the nationwide support of the legislative initiative of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the adoption of the Law "On Combating Corruption".

As the survey showed, the absolute majority of citizens (91.5%) assesses positively the main principles of the state's anti-corruption policy set forth in the Law on Counteracting Corruption and the State Program on Combating Corruption for 2017-2018 aimed at consolidating efforts and interaction of state authorities, civil society institutions and citizens of the country in the fight against this negative social phenomenon. Almost all social strata of the population, men and women, urban and rural residents, representatives of various ethnic groups and all age groups expressed confidence that the introduction of a holistic anti-corruption strategy into practice will help create additional legal guarantees for protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, culture and civic consciousness in society and the eradication of corruption in all spheres of public life.

It should be noted that the majority of Uzbek citizens - 76.3% believe that corruption and related offenses are not a widespread phenomenon, according to respondents "manifestations of corruption take place in certain spheres of society."

The results of the survey made it possible to determine which part of the officials, according to the opinion of citizens, uses their position for mercenary purposes. In the opinion of 41.2% of the survey participants, the majority of officials perform honestly work and do not use their position for personal gain. In the opinion of a quarter of respondents, the ratio of civil servants who do not use their official position for profit and those who are subject to corruption are the same.

According to the survey, the main causes of corruption in Uzbek society, according to citizens, are the underdevelopment of civil society, weak public control over the work of officials by civil society, and insufficient level of legal culture. In the opinion of the survey participants, the extensive circle of powers of officials, their ability to influence the decision-making on which the well-being of citizens depends, increases the risks of corruption. One of the reasons for contributing to the emergence of corruption participants of the survey called "a low level of wages of employees in certain spheres and sectors."

The results of the survey revealed the opinion of citizens about the reasons that induce officials to use their position for mercenary purposes and commit corruption offenses. Every second participant of the survey is sure that the main factors that encourage officials to commit corruption crimes are the desire to enrich themselves and improve their financial situation. In the opinion of the respondents, some officials commit unlawful acts because citizens themselves provoke them, offering material or any other remuneration for help and assistance in resolving the issue of concern to them.

The public opinion poll showed that the absolute majority of Uzbek citizens - 91.8% - appreciates highly the measures implemented in the country aimed at preventing, detecting, suppressing corruption offenses, as well as the reasons and conditions conducive to corruption, considering them effective and successful. As monitoring of public opinion shows, over the past year there has been a significant increase in the number of citizens - by 9.3%, according to which in Uzbekistan there is a positive trend in the fight against corruption, which is connected with the recent anti-corruption policy in the country, adoption of the Law "On Combating Corruption", introduction of the institution of "People's reception", promoting openness and "transparency" of the activities of organizations, departments and ministries.

According to the results of the survey, 65.8% of citizens are confident that the majority of corrupt people are compelled to retaliate for crimes committed. The monitoring revealed a stable tendency of the growth of the number of citizens, in the opinion of which, "the majority of officials who have committed corruption offenses suffer an unavoidable punishment".

In the course of the study, the Anti-Corruption Efficiency Index was determined, which amounted to a value of 0.65, which is in line with the citizens' high assessment of the effectiveness of the anti-corruption policy implemented in Uzbekistan and point to a high level of public confidence in the Head of State's policy, whose priority is the eradication of corruption in all spheres of society And the state.

As the results of the poll show in the public opinion of Uzbeks, the problem of combating corruption is not only the task of law enforcement bodies, it is the primary task of the entire Uzbek society. Anti-corruption, according to citizens, should include not only a system of punishment based on the inevitability of responsibility for committed corruption offenses, including criminal liability, but also preventive measures that increase the legal awareness and legal culture of the population, especially the youth who form Society, an intolerant attitude towards corruption, as well as creating conditions for greater openness and transparency in the activities of executive authorities and strengthening public control by the institutions of civil society.

The results of long-term sociological surveys of public opinion indicate the need to collect and summarize information on the main trends in the views of Uzbeks on the implementation of the state's anti-corruption policy, the analysis of citizens' opinions on the activities of public authorities, political parties, public associations and other civil society structures, Problems of the state anti-corruption policy. It is necessary to continue the study of public opinion within the framework of the State Program on Combating Corruption for 2017-2018, bodies and organizations that carry out and take an active part in the fight against corruption, prepare relevant reviews, reports and other materials, and monitor the effectiveness of measures aimed at preventing and Eradication of corruption.

The results of the survey show that in the Uzbek society corruption is viewed as a deeply immoral and condemned phenomenon that threatens the stability of the country's security, undermining the credibility of state bodies. The absolute majority of respondents expressed their opinion about the inadmissibility of corruption, extortion and bribery in all spheres of the country's life. At the same time, according to the poll results, there is a double morality in the society regarding bribery: condemning such behavior in words, many citizens in practice give bribes to solve their problems. This indicates the need for further work to improve the legal consciousness of the population, educating citizens against the intolerant attitude to all manifestations of corruption.

In general, as shown by the monitoring of public opinion, the absolute majority of citizens of the country (96.1%) fully support the state's strategy for resolutely fighting corruption, bribery and extortion. The results of the survey for all regions, gender and age categories, representatives of various ethnic groups, confessions working in various spheres of work convincingly demonstrate the high support and approval by citizens of the measures initiated by the Head of State to improve the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures in respect of its positive impact on the process of combating corruption and eradicating this negative phenomenon from the life of society.
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